The Learning Community November Edition: Aligning the Inner and the Outer

November 26th, 2015.  The Institute of Traditional Medicine

As a learning community we have begun to gather every month – artists, facilitators, healers, leaders – to learn from one another and ourselves what we need to learn in order to be the special medicine we are for the world. Hosted at the beautifully healing space of the Institute for Traditional Medicine, we come together over food, art and conversation to build a community of practitioners of participatory leadership.


We heard our community saying that we need to learn and practice how to tap into our inner wisdom, how to set boundaries, and how to be in tune with ourselves while we do our work in the world. We listened, and last month’s TLC explored

Aligning the Inner and the Outer

What does being deeply rooted in myself look and feel like?

What self-care practices can support my being grounded?

What does that open up for me in my life?

tlc2 tree

Under the skillful leadership of the bloom consulting team facilitators Natalie Abdou, Brigid Tierney and Rehana Tejpar, we moved out of our heads and into our body’s, allowing our body’s memory to remind us of what it looks and feels like to be grounded; creating gestures embodying a time when we felt the most rooted in our lives.


In pairs we discussed the practices we use which support us in being grounded. Drawing from our lived experiences and learning from others’ best practices we harvested a plethora of daily practices which support us in being grounded and well.selfcarepracticeswordle

We then moved into some solo reflection, doing a free-write on what does being rooted in myself while doing my work in the world open up for me? This is what we heard

aligning inner and outer wordle

And what we know to be true is that it’s our daily practice that forms our habits, the way we think, see and are in the world. Courage, self love and patience to us on our journeys as we practice living in alignment with our inner and outer worlds.

We hope to share the next TLC with you, late January, date TBA soon.

5S7A1227 (2)

With love,

the bloom team



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